Best Way to Take Care of Long Beard

Growing a long hair takes more than just using the best facial hair products. As the beard gets longer, the higher the caring requirement gets. As you begin your beard journey, it was sweet and short thus the maintenance is not that of a great deal but as it gets longer, the higher the stakes become. The threat of scraggliness gets more intense as your face fur grows, so we took down the five essential things you need to know if you are planning to begin to grow a long beard.


Create Your Own Night Time Regime

Your wife or your partner may have a night time regime that you don’t seem to understand and as a man who decided to grow your beard, you should have one too. One important thing to remember about growing a beard is that you need to keep it hydrated and the best way to apply your beard cream is before going to bed right after you took a shower. During that time, your pores are open and your skin will readily absorb anything you put in it. Applying a beard cream before going to bed will lock in the hydration that will create an intense, deep conditioning treatment that will make your beard softener and stronger the next morning.

Ditch the Nasty Stuff Away with a Shampoo

Your beard should be washed as much as you do your head because whether you like it or not, beards are prone to getting dirty, collecting crumbs, and absorbing everyday pollutants. But don’t just use an ordinary shampoo for your beard especially the ones you use for your hair because they have harsh chemical ingredients that can dry out your beard making it course, dry, brittle and very itchy. You should choose best beard shampoo & conditioner, It will make your beard more stable.

Warmer Months Requires Beard Cream

During summer months, we recommend you to use beard cream to soften and soothe your facial hair. Opt for the ones rich in shea butter to calm and condition your beard and the skin underneath it.

See Your Barber More Often

As a man, visiting your barber is something that you grow accustomed to but growing your beard should not be used as an excuse to stop consulting your barber. In fact, it should be a reason to see him even more to have your beard trimmed and avoid the possibility of having split ends. Split ends is the main cause of scraggly, untamed look and the more split ends you have, the slower your beard grows making it look scraggly and untamed all the more. A regular trimming session with your barber will make your hair become healthier and it will promote faster growth.

Established a Fitness Routine for Your Beard

Just as you prepare your body for the summer, your beard needs some training too. Just as exercise and nutrition go hand in hand in crafting a fit body, proper nutrition also aids in crafting a fit beard.