The owner Steve Sevag moved to the west coast from the east coast over 13 years ago.  He recently moved to Los Angeles after being turned on to the food truck craze that has been going on, and decided to bring a east coast favorite to sunny California and hopefully beyond.

Seeing the exiting  food truck movement going on and wanting to make a BIG splash, he decided to stick with the east coast size and offer a humongous sandwich that is served with your choice of meats, provolone cheese, tomatoes, Italian coleslaw, and finally stuffed with fresh cut fries.

So you can say it’s the best bang for the buck, so far in the industry. They also have half size portions for those who would like to try the beautiful tastes but don’t have the room for the big potatoes.

Fries are the hottest selling item, with a choice of Chef Andres’ special home made dipping sauces.