which statement is applicable to watson’s theory of transpersonal caring?

To ensure the best experience, please update your browser. While assessing an older adult, the nurse observes visual impairment in the client. Through her practice, she observed the effect of authentic caring on patients and the resultant health outcomes. Focusing on Watson’ theory of human caring and applying it to a case scenario, I will use this model to identify three nursing priorities. Slide 3 - Core Concepts of the Theory Applicable to the APN role A relational caring for self and others, Love, values, and ‘Belonging Transpersonal caring relationship-Moral commitment to protect and enhance human dignity Respect/ “love” for the person—honoring the uniqueness of their needs, wishes, routines, and rituals. Provide an overview of Dr. Jean Watson’s caring theory to the nursing community. A nurse is collecting a client's medical information by talking to the family and caregivers of the client. Which action of the nurse would be inappropriate in the context of critical thinking skills for making clinical decisions in nursing practice? A. A. Which basic professional certification is most desirable in the nurse to become the member of this team? According to Watson (1997), the core of the Theory of Caring is that "humans cannot be treated as objects and that humans cannot be separated from self, other, nature, and the larger workforce." A nurse develops a relationship with a client who has bipolar disorder with episodes of mania. Which type of research is the above statement? Facilitate the understanding of her work allowing nurses to readily apply this knowledge within their practice. What is the primary focus of the nurse when providing evidence-based care to the client? "Nursing provides a specific service.". Which statements have been correctly stated by the nursing student as a result of the teaching? Nurse Practice Acts describe and define the legal boundaries of nursing practice within each state. A nurse understands that the effects of different variables on client's health beliefs and practices can help healthcare providers to plan and deliver individualized care. B. Prescriptive theories address nursing interventions for a phenomenon. As Watson states “The nucleus of the human lovingness theory is about human caring relationships and the deeply human experiences of life itself. ... 2. transpersonal caring relationships 3. caring occasions/caring moments. Select all that apply. What is the definition of descriptive research? Which age group corresponds with concrete operations? What should the nurse do to explain the terms of the consent to the client? Which points noted by the nursing student are accurate? What specific responsibility does the nurse have in this organization? Select all that apply. Which statement made by a nursing student about Swanson's theory of caring needs correction? The nurse protects the client's human and legal rights and provides assistance in asserting said rights. Which would the nurse state is an example of a natural disaster? What is the purpose of respite care? What information should the nurse provide? Which factor is used to assess the quality of health care provided to a client? Views the client as an adaptive system. Which points have been correctly stated? What is the role of a nurse administrator in a healthcare setting? What is the function of the Professional Standards Review Organizations (PSROs) set up by the federal government? Martin, L. S. (1991). C. The client needs to know what to expect from the relationship. In Watson’s hypothesis, care giving is fixated on supporting a patient to accomplish tasks and settle psychologically, physically as well as emotionally, and this is accomplished through caring exchanges including a transpersonal caring relationship. Which statements made by the student nurse indicates the need for further teaching? A registered nurse is teaching a nursing student about Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Which of these cultural groups is known to practice Ayurveda to prevent and treat illness? When does the nurse play the role of an educator? Select all that apply. Watson (2005) defines this as the foundation of the work, transpersonal caring conveys a concern for the inner life world and subjective meaning of another who is fully embodied, but transpersonal care also goes beyond “ego self and beyond the given moment, reaching to the deeper connections to spirit and with the broader universe” (p. 8). "Please tell me about the healthcare practices and beliefs of your community.". MAJOR CONCEPTS & DEFINITIONS ORIGINAL 10 … During what stage of the therapeutic nurse-client relationship does the nurse anticipate that most of the client's problem solving will occur? Watson’s ten carative factors, referred to as interventions of the theory, are presented in table one. Which statement regarding Roy's theory of nursing needs correction? A nurse uses therapeutic communication techniques in order to achieve desired client outcomes. Which feature according to Benner is observed in a nurse at the "proficient" level? What professional responsibility does the nurse display as a client's advocate? "You're concerned about what other people are thinking about you.". A. A hospital needs to hire a nursing staff for the intensive care of cancer clients. According to Sigmund Freud's developmental theory, which developmental age is called the latent stage? A nursing student is giving examples of healthcare settings and services. B. Capitation influences the way healthcare providers deliver care in all types of settings. The Watson Caring Model is recommended as a guide to nursing patients with hypertension, as one means of decreasing blood pressure and increase in quality of life. One can agrue that Watson’s theory is important in today’s nursing society. Which nursing theory focuses on the client's self-care needs? A nurse is teaching a parent about the different temperaments that a child may display. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) identified five interrelated competencies for all health care workers in the twenty-first century. Which type of theory is the Neuman systems model? A. With reference to the nursing process as a system, what is content? The test focuses specifically on Jean Watson’s Transpersonal Caring Science Theory. A team is sent to care for earthquake victims. A nurse is evaluating different situations related to addressing different levels of client needs. . Which statement is applicable to Watson's theory of transpersonal caring? Which statements of a nursing student indicate an understanding of the theory? A registered nurse is teaching a nursing student about Erikson's theory of psychosocial development. Select all that apply. A registered nurse is teaching a nursing student about the nurse's professional roles and responsibilities. A. Which theory describes the phenomenon of grief or caring? Watson considers transpersonal caring to be the effort beyond the ego, to meet and embrace the spirit or soul of the other, and the nurse’s focus is on creating the space toward healing ; one can clearly align this healing encounter with Rogers’s work and the idea of supporting the patient’s movement toward self-actualization. Originally, 69 statements about instructors' caring behaviors, based on Watson's 10 carative factors, were created with Dr. Jean Watson. Watson's theory defines the outcome of nursing activity in relation to the humanistic aspects of life. Select all that apply. D. "A client is being discharged from the hospital setting with an implanted port. B. Explores the effect of bipolar behavior on the family. A registered nurse is teaching a nursing student about Nightingale's theory of nursing. Contact an interpreter provided by the hospital. Which statement is a characteristic of the concrete operations stage? What does a community-based nurse do as a change agent? The nurse describes the routine care activities to prevent any complications. Transpersonal caring is demonstrated in an event or actual caring occasion. Which age is considered the phallic stage according to Sigmund Freud's developmental theory? ANNA Journal, 18, 403-406 . A. (2000). The client is not very fluent in the language that the nurse is communicating. What should the nurse do to provide patient-centered care? Which theory emphasizes the facilitation of the body's reparative processes by manipulating the client's environment? Watson describes the theory as a science and important for the patient’s recovery. C. "Nightingale's theory deals with visionary principles that include areas of practice, research, and education.". Jean Watson refers to the human being as “a valued person in and of him or herself to be cared for, respected, nurtured, understood and assisted; in general a philosophical view of a person as a fully functional integrated self. The transpersonal caring relationship describes how the nurse goes beyond an objective assessment, showing concerns toward the person’s subjective and deeper meaning regarding their own health care situation, while the caring moment is defined as the moment (focal point in space and time) when the nurse and another person come together in such a way that an occasion for human caring is created … How many levels of critical thinking exist for nursing judgment? What action indicates that the nurse is designing the study? D. Providing relevant information to the client. Everyone must really think I'm crazy." What is the goal of nursing according to King's theory? A nurse is completing the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) for a resident at the nursing center. The aim of this project was to determine if an educational intervention utilizing Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring influences nurses’ level of awareness and practice of loving kindness to self and others. None of this makes any sense. This practice test will help students from Karen George Michel's course, Nursing 2203b, prepare for the final exam. To which age group does Industry versus Inferiority apply? What are the similarities between Medicare and Medicaid? Which domain of the Nursing Interventions Classification taxonomy includes care that supports homeostatic regulation? Excerpt from Essay : Jean Watson's Theory of Human Caring or Caring Science involves exercising core practices/principles. An older client whose spouse has died is sitting alone in a lounge in the nursing home and says, "I'm all alone; no one has any use for me." how we see things. A. According to Watson's theory, in which practice is the nurse least likely to engage? Watson believes that What would the nurse say to the client to initiate appropriate communication? What activities would the nurse state are involved in providing a secondary level of preventive care? The Philosophy and Science of Caring has four major concepts: human being, health, environment/society, and nursing. A nurse is caring for a client who belongs to a different cultural community. The registered nurse (RN) provides nursing care based on the critical thinking model known as the nursing process. Select all that apply. A nursing student notes the characteristics of middle-range theories. Preventing the spread of communicable disease. Is It Necessary for Nursing Students to Learn About Watson's Caring Theory? Which of these is a part of health belief model? D. Attend clinical care conferences to discuss client care needs. What information should the registered nurse provide about exemplary professional practice according to the revised magnet model? The nurse is communicating with an older adult who has a hearing disability. A registered nurse is explaining the importance of capitation to a nursing student. Theory of Transpersonal Caring (WTTC) (1979) Caring for the purpose of: Promoting healing Preserving dignity Respecting the wholeness Nursing is healing art and science dedicated to the pursuit of harmonious and sacred relationships Challenges nursing: To rediscover its healing traditions Expanding its mission for caring relationships A nurse is working in a health care organization that has Magnet status. Select all that apply. Jean Watson is a nursing theorist who formulated the theory of human caring and the ‘caritas’ processes in support of this theory. A registered nurse is educating a nursing student about descriptive theories. What are the purposes of public health laws? A nurse finds that there is an inaccurate match between clinical cues and the nursing diagnosis. It also involves the transpersonal caring relationship. Select all that apply. Which basic human needs belongs to the fourth level as per Maslow's hierarchy of needs? A registered nurse is teaching a nursing student about the characteristics of various healthcare plans. Seven basic assumptions Watson’s theory consists of … What step should the nurse take to alert the risk management system? Watson's theory were also applicable to patients in Saudi Arabia and that nursing professionals should base their care on such theory to meet patient needs. What is the purpose of block and parish nursing? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. A. Which nursing diagnosis is an example of a client response to a health condition? A client who only speaks Spanish is being cared for at a hospital in which nursing personnel only speak English. A client with bone cancer is receiving hospice care at home. Select all that apply. The hospice program also provides respite care. A nursing student is examining the health services pyramid. Which statement is applicable to Watson's theory of transpersonal caring? What personality aspects would a difficult child display? Mullaney, J. The sample of 242 nurses completed a researcher-developed survey based on Watson 's theory of transpersonal caring.Results showed that experienced, hospital-based nurses and those demonstrating greater familiarity with Watson 's theory had higher caring scores. At the beginning phase of a therapeutic relationship, why is a clear understanding of participants' roles important? The nurse is hired to work in a Magnet hospital. "Strong professional practice is established, and accomplishments of the practice are demonstrated.". A. C. Providing a warm bath to the client to promote a good night's sleep. "You seem upset. The second key concept that is vital to the theory is the transpersonal caring relationship. ... describes links/interactions among theory concepts, statements taken as a whole make up the theory. Select all that apply. A nursing student is listing the professional responsibilities and roles of the nurse. The major concepts of Jean Watson’s theory of caring are transpersonal caring relationships, caring moments/caring occasions and the ten caritas processes. Which theory is based on the model of primacy of caring? Under which type of healthcare services should the nursing student include family planning? Is based on stress and the client's reaction to the stressor. Using Watson’s theory to explore the dimensions of adult polycystic kidney disease . A. Transpersonal caring is actualized through a process of healing and an authentic connection in the moment. Who is the most independently functioning nurse? Which scenario is a perfect example of tertiary care? A client is in a state of ambivalence. Seek the help of an official interpreter. Watson has discussed carative factors in order to distinguish them from the conventional curative factors. Transpersonal conveys a … Which point stated by the nursing student needs correction? This study's purpose was to identify factors impacting nurses' perceived professional caring. How will a nurse researcher categorize this research? What instruction would the nurse be most likely to give a client with reduced sensory perception to prevent injury from scalding? These are: D. Defines the outcome of nursing activity in relation to the humanistic aspects of life. Preferred provider organizations reimburse nursing home payments. A nursing student is noting information about the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI). Watson’s model of caring was developed originally in the 1970’s and amended many times to the postmodern transpersonal caring-healing paradigm (1999) which is applicable to the practice of nursing and other disciplines (Fitzpatrick & Whall, 2005) . What type of research explores the interrelationship among variables of interest without any active intervention by a researcher? Paradigm. What is the correct order of steps in the nursing process? Watson’s study on caring has been integrated into education and patient care to various nursing schools and healthcare facilities all over the world. What communication technique would be appropriate for the nurse to use when discussing healthcare decisions with the client? Oh no! Which internal variable influences health beliefs and practices? Describe how Watson’s caring theory can be applied to clinical practice. Which phase of helping relationships is the nurse exercising? B. Which of the following statements about a case manager is correct? There are 3 major elements of Watson’s caring theory; the carative factors (caritas), the transpersonal caring relationship, and the caring moment. The Magnet Recognition Program for health care organizations is based on fourteen forces of magnetism related to five magnet model components. What is the main focus of community health nursing? As Watson’s theory views illness, as not only being objective, but also subjective to the patient’s experience (Nursing Theory, 2016). The carative factors are created for the intent for “developing and sustaining a helping-trusting, authentic caring relationship” between the nurse and the patient (Lachman, 2012, p. 112). D. The nurse should rely on his or her knowledge and experience when planning and implementing a client care plan. Which statement made by the nursing student needs correction? A. Jean Watson’s Theory of Transpersonal Caring provides a foundational doctrine for wellness professionals. "I cannot afford expensive medications because I have to take care of my family.". Into what category does this error fall? Watson (1999) describes a “Transpersonal Caring Relationship” as foundational to her theory; it is a “special kind of human care relationship—a union with another person—high regard for the whole person and their being-in-the-world” (p. 63). Which statement accurately describes correlational research? A nurse has made a nursing diagnosis without validating the data obtained from the client. While teaching a nursing student, a registered nurse says "This is a study in which the investigator controls the study variable and randomly assigns subjects to different conditions to test the variable." B. The Nursing Theory: The Transpersonal Caring Theory. Which information provided by the registered nurse is accurate? A registered nurse is teaching a nursing student about Piaget's theory of cognitive development that includes four periods, which are related to age. There are three primary elements of the Jean Watson’s theory, which include the carative factors, the occasion of caring, and the transpersonal caring relationship (Cara, n.d.). Watson's Transpersonal Caring Relationship Both the nurse and the patient enter into the lived experiences of one another and are central to the process of change and growth that occurs from the encounter. C. Focuses on providing the client with culturally specific nursing care. In which process of Swanson's theory is the nurse engaging when explaining neonatal care to a parent? Applying Watson’s Theory of Caring Model to a Patient Care Scenario. What services do nurse-managed clinics provide in preventive and primary care services? Which statement is applicable to Watson's theory of transpersonal caring? Which technique should the nurse use to communicate? B. The nurse taking care of the client informs the primary healthcare provider. An African man presents to the emergency department to obtain pain medication. C. Caring for a postoperative client in the intensive care unit who is suffering from respiratory distress. A foreign language-speaking client needs to undergo chemotherapy; a signed consent form is required. Which of these stages of health behavior will the nurse suspect? A registered nurse is teaching a nursing student about Nightingale's theory, which is an initial model for nursing. . Which of these positions is most likely to be filled by the nurse? Select all that apply. A nurse is explaining the nursing process to a nursing assistant. Let's talk about what's bothering you.". According to Erikson's theory of psychosocial development, which opposing conflicts is an older adult likely to face? However, Watson is most famous for her philosophy and her Transpersonal Caring Theory in Nursing. non merely health-illness phenomena. focuses on the human component of caring and the moment-to-moment encounters between the one who is caring and the one who is being cared for, especially the caring activities performed by nurses as they interact with others. KEY WORDS: caring behaviors, Jean Watson's theory, nursing care, patient perception. Community health centers are outpatient clinics that provide primary care to a specific population. Select all that apply. . (McCance, McKenna, Boore 1999). Watson (2013) describes a transpersonal nurse as one who "has the ability to center consciousness and intentionality on caring, healing, and wholeness, rather than on disease, illness and pathology." What is the category of the diagnostic error? A nursing student is listing points that make nursing a profession and not just a job. The readings associated with this theory were included in the class 10 objectives. D Watson's theory of transpersonal caring defines the outcome of nursing activity in relation to the humanistic aspects of life. Which statements made by the nursing student post teaching are accurate? Which opposing conflict would a middle-aged adult face according to Erikson's theory of psychosocial development? Which example indicates that the nurse is following evidence-based practice? Which points have been correctly stated regarding prescriptive theories? The registered nurse is teaching a student nurse about preparedness when responding to a fire in the healthcare facility. A nurse is recalling Piaget's theory of cognitive development. Start studying Watsons Theory of Caring. The nurse uses evidence-based practice while providing nursing care to clients. In a clinical study, subjects were given chlorhexidine and betadine as antiseptics. A theory contains a set of components such as concepts, definitions, assumptions or propositions. A registered nurse is teaching a nursing student about systems theories with a specific reference to Neuman's systems theory. A registered nurse is teaching a nursing student about the components of the magnet model. A nurse understands that value clarification is a technique useful in therapeutic communication because initially it helps clients do what? The theory is focused on “the centrality of human caring and on the caring-to-caring transpersonal relationship and its healing potential for both the one who is caring and the one who is being cared for” (Watson, 1996). Which force of magnetism is assessed to review the structural empowerment of the organization? Jean Watson’s focus of practice is the patient and the theory places the patient in the context of the family, the community and the culture. “Transpersonal caring not only allows for release of emotions and the evolution of the … What do the Nurse Practice Acts do? A. Which of these databases should the nurse use to obtain a broad view on biomedical and pharmaceutical studies? The nurse behaves judgmentally and labels the client a drug abuser. Watson's theory. Which step of the nursing process should include interpretation of data collected about the client? The transpersonal caring relationship is about the nurse's moral commitment to connecting with patients, while the caring occasion/caring moment is the suitable time nurses find with patients for caring to occur. Which communication technique is a part of therapeutic communication? A nurse is teaching a parent about the different temperaments that a child may display. Select all that apply. D. Encourage the older adult to use assistive devices such as glasses. . A nursing student is listing the different aspects of the healthcare services pyramid. Which statement about Orem's theory needs to be corrected? What purpose does a community health center serve in preventive and primary care services? The nurse concludes that their therapeutic interaction has entered the working stage when the client does what? Preparing the budget, staffing, strategic planning of programs and services, employee evaluations, and employee development. B. Descriptive theories describe, relate, and in some situations predict, nursing phenomena. I will describe how this Objectives Describe the general aspects of Watson’s caring theory. What is the primary focus of nursing care in the "family as context" approach? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary (2015) the term transpersonal is defined as “extending or going beyond the personal or individual or of, relating to, or being psychology or psychotherapy concerned especially with esoteric mental experience that goes … Which system is used by a health care facility to determine certain aspects of client satisfaction? B. Record your answer using a whole number. What is the most therapeutic response by the nurse? . The … Select all that apply. The evolution from Carative to Caritas involves five principles. “Watson’s work . B. A nursing student is recalling the definition of Nurse Practice Acts. Which theorist suggested that the goal of nursing is to use communication to help clients reestablish a positive adaptations to their environments? Which point noted by the nursing student needs correction? The nurse empowers clients and their families to creatively solve problems. "Watson's theory of human caring focuses on holistic care and the authentic relationship between caregivers and patients" (Lukose, 2011, p. 27).

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