blesbok trophy size

The package includes a blesbok, impala and blue wildebeest. What is your average trophy size of Waterbuck taken in South Africa when hunting with you? This is due to supply and demand with over 1,300 registered commercial game ranchers managing over 20 million head of game. Blesbok and Bontebok differ not only in colouration, but also in social structure, whereby Bontebok maintain the same herd structure throughout the year, while Blesbok … Blesbok captured in the Limpopo Region. Its sheer size, large and impressive horns sweeping back and hooking forward makes it a very desirable trophy. Because the Blesbok … Picking the same animal in a herd only happens with good communication between hunting guide and hunter. Add to Wishlist. Fig (illustration): blesbok growth with age . The horns, are about, 15 1/2" inches long. With this in mind, Blesbok are actually one of the most affordable species to hunt in Africa. The bases are about READ MORE . “ Like new condition..Very large - Blesbok mount, with TROPHY size horns.. “This is a nice looking like new Blesbok mount..with BIG horns..taxidermy by the … Trophy and Breeding Rams for sale. Origin: South Africa Horn Size: 15-20 inches Weight: 121-176 pounds Estimated World Population: 240,000 Ox Ranch Population: 30+ Previously on the brink of extinction, the Blesbok antelope … Selling price on Blesbok for the season of 2017 is between R2200 and R4200 depending on the horn size of each herd captured. SKU: 88258-117. The size of the trophy will change the price of the animal. Squaw Mountain Ranch prides itself on providing outstanding Trophy Blesbok Hunts at an affordable price compared with other ranches, while giving the hunter a five star experience and service second to none . This once near-extinct antelope has been reintroduced on the game farms of southern Africa and boasts a population somewhere in the hundreds of thousands. Blesbok are amongst the most popular plains game that can be hunted in South Africa. Method 12 (Download the entry form here* in PDF format)For African Buffalo and Brindled Gnu or Wildebeest. A trophy croc can reach around 15 feet. Rowland Ward, the trophy buck measurement standard adopted worldwide, and South Africa’s own Hunters Confederation of South Africa, has a minimum requirement of 16,5 inches for a blesbok trophy. Second in size only to the eland, the roan antelope is a rare and much-desired trophy animal that is now more widespread as a result of ranching. The adult body size is reached between 28-36 months and the Rowland Ward trophy status after 6 years. Their mass can be as much as 85 kg. Blesbok Antelope are native to South Africa where they prefer the open plains. Two weeks, two hunting areas and seven incredible plains game trophies. It was once one of the most abundant antelope species of the African plains, but Blesbok … The legs are brown with a white patc… THIS A BEAUTIFUL AFRICAN full shoulder mount of a White BLESBOK from SOUTH AFRICA. Some ranches will charge both a hunt fee and a kill fee (replacement fee) so get your questions asked before you book a hunt. Chef's thoughts . Information About the Blesbok – Damaliscus pygargus Physically, rams and ewes are similar in appearance. Weight 70Kg (M) 61Kg (f) Shoulder Height: 95cm (M) 95cm (F) Mating Season: April / may. Primarily grazers, they form herds consisting of females (ewes) and juveniles, while the males (rams) tend to be solitary. If he does not go down, he will not go far. Both bucks and doe Blesbok have horns, the bucks are identifiable by their greater mass. It is the oldest known skill, and if it is lost to him through neglect or emotion, or mistaken interpretation of the laws of nature, then man will be weakened. How To Measure Your Trophies When it comes to measuring trophy size, there are primarily two well known and recognized organizations that each have their own methods of measuring trophies. A very popular species to hunt and a must for those hunters interested in collecting the spiral family. ... We are not going to hunt a bull until he has reached his maximum size. The bases are about 6" … Since blesbok usually inhabit … General information on hunting blesbok South Africa. Blesbuck prefer sweet grassveld but will survive sufficiently on sour areas.

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